300mm Indoor Outdoor Convex Mirror

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The 300mm mirror is suitable for all general applications where a sturdy mirror is required. The ACM (Aluminium Composite Material) back makes it ideal for sheltered outdoor and industrial situations such as warehouses, hospitals, childcare centres, vehicle workshops or any other situation where blind spots are present. The mirror face is thermoformed from 100% virgin, optical grade acrylic sheet, using advanced shaping techniques and then vacuum metalised with 99% pure aluminium to give a clear, distortion free reflection.


  • 2mm thermoformed acrylic
  • Scientifically designed curve for maximum viewing angle
  • Impact Resistant
  • Aluminium Composite Back (ACM)
  • 250mm Adjustable J-Bracket
  • 2 x Wall Mounting Holes 7mm


Adjustable Bracket

Position Horizontal

Position Vertical

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